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For Our Community
Through collaboration with other non-profit organizations such as Milwaukee Public Library, Milwaukee Public Schools, The Next Door Foundation, COA, Project Ujima, Omni Family Medical Clinic, and The Milwaukee Childhood Obesity Prevention Project, Mind Body & Soul Dancers work with youth to reduce the epidemic of childhood obesity so that they may develop their full potential.
We also work with adults suffering from chronic health conditions, depression, and  transitioning them from a sedentary to an active lifestyle. We are committed to working to improve the health and overall quality of life for the society we serve. ​
With Our Community
The Heartbeat
of Soul Line Dancing
Participants will learn basic line dance terminology. They will also gain an understanding of how to count steps/walls while line dancing. As a culminating activity, participants will engage their team building skills by working together to choreograph an original line dance.
Raw Foods
Wellness Classes
Participants will learn how to prepare a variety of organic foods that consist of fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables. They will develope an understanding of the nutritional benefits of eating whole foods in their natural uncooked state.
3P: Peace &
Pause Prevail
MBSD supports Milwaukee youth in developing essential life skills through the art of Urban Line Dancing: non aggressive positive behaviors, self-confidence, respect for others, social awareness, increased physical and emotional well-being, cooperative teamwork, appreciation of the world’s cultural diversity, and academic excellence.
to Wellness
MBSD supports Milwaukee adults by assisting them in their choice to maintain healthy positive lifestyles through the art of Urban Line Dancing. Reinforcing all components of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social.
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